Father of “Christian” Canadian Family That Moved To Russia Posts Rambling 18 Minute Video Kissing Russia’s Ass, Wife Nowhere To Be Seen

Feb 20, 2024

We have an update on the Canadian family of 10 that moved to Russia because they hate gay people.

First, a correction. It’s Arend and Aneessa Feensrta.  Transcription sucks. And it’s 2024. You get it.

Our biggest story this year is already massive interest (some are applauding). Arend and Aneessa Feensta answered God’s call to Russia to get away from LBTQ/left-wing stuff in Canada because Russia, being the Christian Othrodox Nation it is, would protect their kids from secular disease and gayness.

Last week’s video of them complaining about not having any money (Putin stole their cash as soon as they got there), being trapped, and wanting to go home has disappeared from their YouTube channel. This video popped up tonight, and it’s 18 minutes of Arend licking Russia’s tiny balls and how it’s all a misunderstanding. Aneesa isn’t in this “Countryside” video for the first time. Ever.

Aneessa seems to be the weak link/wild card if you’re the Feenstra family’s Russian FSB detail. She did most of the complaining in the last video, saying she was trapped and wanted to come home, and the bank wouldn’t give them their money. Sergei would’ve taken her out to get a fresh loaf of bread and a newish jean jacket while Arend walked it all back on a solo video after their story went VIRAL.

And what an ass-licking it was:

  • It opens with apologizing to the Russian People
  • Thoughts in the previous video weren’t conveyed “properly.”
  • Said things “at the moment.”
  • He still wants very much to be Russian and not Canadian
  • He realized the wrong message (Being a hostage who had his money stolen by the state when he sold everything and moved there) was conveyed when he was reading comments
  • Went to the bank today, and they said it was a system error, and even though he was mad – it’s now a “good law”
  • not upset with the bank, and maybe there was a crime at the bank and they plan on sticking it out
  • Their comments were misunderstood.
  • They are very frustrated but it has NOTHING to do with the government (then says even though they wrote the law and it’s their country and they can take his money, it’s not Russians fault at all)

  • Said it’s frustrating that Aneessa’s little outburst (we’re dying over here, and Russia lied to us about everything and stole our money) has been blown out of proportion – it’s just a language barrier
  • It’s all his fault and has nothing to do with the government. Again
  • He can’t believe a media outlet (US) wrote about them, and they are not upset with the government; it’s still his fault.
  • The government and the ladies are not the problems; nothing is the problem. It’s just the “system.”

He starts saying goodbye and licks Russian balls for another 2 minutes before cutting to a birthday video of his daughter turning one. It’s weird. What’s weirder? How Arend signed off after that OBVIOUS rant where he pleaded for his fucking life.

“Hopefully, that’s clear. (BIG SIGH) I don’t know; I tried my best.”

Tried your best to do what? Walk it back so they don’t send you to the front lines in Ukraine?

If you watched it, you know there are “lots” of people from Canada, the Netherlands, and the US, moving to Russia, and he plans on meeting them, so get ready for some serious Stockholm syndrome propaganda videos from some fucking petrified-looking X-pats.

Good news? Allegedly the eldest stayed in Ontario with his extended family who think Arend and Aneesa are insane.

This is why parental rights don’t exist.



Dean Blundell

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