First Look: New Alladin Trailer Shows Will Smith As The Genie For The First Time

Feb 11, 2019

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It’s about time they gave us a glimpse of Will Smith as the genie. I’ve only been waiting 2 years. The online backlash about how Smith looks as the genie is obviously negative, because we live in 2019 people. Nothing is positive anymore. However, I don’t hate it.

At first glance yes, it might look like Will Smith is a never nude(shoutout to Arrested Developments’ Tobias Funk)

But I like it. It humanizes the genie and honestly I think looks amazing. If you dumb Disney purists are going to be out there comparing this genie to the classic Robin Williams’ adaptation you can fuck off. Nothing is going to beat that genie, so leave it alone. Embrace the new.
Also all of the other visuals in the trailer of the parade, Jafar and gorgeous princess Jasmine are outstanding. As a kid, Aladdin was my favourite Disney movie. I have no shame in saying I will be the first in line on opening day to watch this movie. Crappy genie or not!

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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