Flash Busted! How Not to Vape on a Plane!

Cannabis Phil Apr 3, 2019

Ironic, the Flash star was busted for vaping on a plane! For the love of god, I guess he didn’t read my last article  (Happy Travels) on airport hacks and the “ABC’s” of vaping “Always Be Casual”.  Apparently, he hotboxed the shit out of the washroom, to the point where the vape set off the smoke alarm on a flight from LA to Vancouver! Rookie! He’s lucky he went Vancouver as the cops probably didn’t give a shit, whereas if he landed in Toronto it may have been a different story. Now while the Flash couldn’t pace himself to save his life, it’s a good thing he went first-class! Apparently, his first-class ticket did get him out of that one, as he got off with a warning! Good news is that he also renewed his contract as Flash! Congratulations! That’s what I would call a good day!



Now if I were going to vape on a plane, for once I would ditch my trusty Shatterizer. Reason being is the cloud production is a lot heavier and the aroma that is distinctly weedy. So avoid all heavier concentrates go with one of the vape pens like this playa in the video. These candy pens have a much lower cloud production and are discreet. Now take some tips from this OG Playa, because it looks like he may have done this once or twice, like a boss! And yes, you can get THC oil that would fill this type of pen. They also come in different flavours, which I would go with. The fruity flavours give off aroma is can be mistaken for an air freshener.


If you are looking for a more in-depth perspective on vaping, pull up a coffee and blunt and check out this guy. He’s got the proper mindset, etiquette and he has a strange knowledge of international airports? LOL! Check him out if you intend on travelling with vapes, as he has some great advice. Even though this video is a couple of years old, with his attitude, you could still get away with it!



And let’s not forget it, there are worse things than vaping on a plane!




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