Ford opts for pre-emptive drive-by hit on a female mayor

Robert Lee May 25, 2023

A boorish Doug Ford brought his abusive, all-crass act to London, Ontario this week, offering up a gratuitously blistering attack on a politician not yet even declared a competitor to the Ontario premier.

That his target was a female, Bonnie Crombie, the current mayor of Mississauga, should be of no surprise.

A Crombie-Ford electoral tilt can’t occur till 2026, but all is fair in love, war and dissing women in opposition parties within the surreal boundaries of Ford Nation.

“Well, my first reaction is what took you so long? [Crombie] has been campaigning for five years. My second reaction is bring it on. It is as simple as that. You can’t be running for mayor — or being mayor, and running for a leader. Like, you know, you can’t put your butt on both sides of the fence.”

It’s not hard to imagine Ford spouting crap like “Get back in the kitchen” or “Make me a sandwich” to humans with XX chromosomes. Men like Ford do not respect women.

Crombie is a potential new leader of the third-place Liberals that Ford famously described as the minivan party when Kathleen Wynne lost to him in 2018, returned to Queen’s Park with only seven MPPs.

Her male successor, Steven Del Duca, escaped similar wrath from the Muskoka Misogynist, as has interim Liberal leader John Fraser.

The corrosive rot creeping into Canada’s Conservative provincial legislatures is best personified by the bellicose Doug Ford.

Perhaps Ford thinks Ms. Crombie is related to former Toronto Mayor David Crombie, notorious for imposing a temporary 45-foot limit on building heights to calm down the construction industry way back in 1972, a move obviously anathema to the Building Permit Premier.

Watching Ford effervescing over a lectern is like being trapped in a bad drive-in movie and your car won’t start. He reads nice from the teleprompter, but the real Slasher Doug emerges when the reporter questions begin and Doug indulges in some hyperpartisan improv.

To be fair, manners are complicated and Doug is only the premier.

A sociopath with mother issues, Ford is fixated on the suppression of the female-dominated professions of nursing, teaching. Liberal females vying for political office are collateral targets.

So Ford doesn’t approve of the timing of Crombie’s announcement:

“You know, what is happening? We are making the largest change in the history of Mississauga and Peel, and this is all about Bonnie Crombie’s political, you know, agenda. It is not about the people of Mississauga.”

Ford once again blurred the lines between jurisdictions:

“I am going to take care of the people of Mississauga, and Bonnie is going to be running around the province not worrying about the people of Mississauga. In my opinion, it is a real slap in the face to the residents there.”

Such selflessness:

“I will always be there, working for the folks there, and rather than Bonnie running around, let’s get on with the show. Run for leader, and let’s make this thing happen — because people do not want to go back to the Liberal era of losing 300,000 jobs, not building homes.”

Ford is still citing stats incorporating the job losses incurred during the 2008 Great Recession, a world economic collapse that almost destroyed the North American auto industry.

“And by the way, Mississauga, with a population of 800,000 people? They only built 2,100 homes. That is unacceptable, because there is a logjam at Mississauga. I think the best thing to do, if she runs against me, we get a new mayor in Mississauga. That is my opinion.”

It’s a ridiculous opinion, Doug.







Robert Lee

Meet Robert. He is a former veteran news reporter/magazine editor incensed at how the North American media props up buffoons like Trump & Ford. Time to put "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable" back into the newsroom's Mission Statement.

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