Freedom Convoy Supporter Refuses Bag Search, Offers To Strip Down Naked, Then Threatens To “Cut” Something.

Jul 1, 2022

Ladies and Gents meet Donald Smith. If you don’t know who that is, I don’t blame you. I didn’t know until this video was sent to me here. Donald here is in Ottawa for the summer season of the Freedom Convoy. These planned demonstrations this weekend take place during Canada Day celebrations. Anyone who has been to Ottawa on Canada Day knows that there is routine and frequent bag searches and security checkpoints to secure our parliament and the city has a whole.


Donald, who has never attended any public events. Is upset that he needs to show the contents of his bag to police before stepping foot on the hill. Keep in mind, that in my years living there and attending several Canada Day events on that very hill. I have ALWAYS needed to do bag checks and go through some security checkpoint. This isn’t a new concept. But I digress.


In the classic case of “I know more than police officers.” Donald, cameras rolling, shows up to a checkpoint ready to talk it out with the cops.



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There is so many highlights from this video. From saying the cops need probable cause to search his bag, to offering to strip down naked. Donald here just seems to be all bent out of shape for something so routine and something we do going into public spaces. But hands down is at the end when he says. “Touch my stuff and ill cu- sta- ”


Donald, has been in trouble with the law before. So, good call on him catching himself uttering threats to a police officer. He is lucky he didn’t get arrested on the spot just for that comment alone. This should be an interesting weekend to watch in Ottawa. Not only do we have Caryma and other documenting this for us all but these non-deodorant wearing degenerates are filming their actions themselves.

Finally, to my friends in Ottawa or those going to Ottawa for normal patriotic celebrations. Have a safe day today! Wear some orange with your red. If you see anything interested, tag me on Twitter.




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