Fuck You Money: After Elon Musk Mean Tweets Twitter For Not Allowing Free Speech, He Becomes Largest Shareholder

Apr 4, 2022

Elon Musk a few days ago.

Elon Musk today.

VIA New York Post- An SEC filing revealed on Monday that Musk — the world’s richest person with a fortune of more than $287 billion, according to Forbes — bought some 73.5 million shares of the company, which are worth an estimated $2.89 billion.

News of the acquisition — which makes Musk Twitter’s largest shareholder, ahead of Vanguard, Morgan Stanley and BlackRock — sent shares of Twitter soaring by more than 25% in early trading on Monday.

I heard Mark Cuban once say, what’s the point of having ‘Fuck You’ money if you can’t say fuck you from time to time. This is where I categorize this move by Musk. You have to admire the sheer fuckery of the move. Can you imagine Elon at the shareholders’ meetings owning the most shares in the room and giving them suggestions on how to run their company?

This is proof he is the real-life Bruce Wayne. A trillionaire who uses his Scrooge McDuck wealth to troll.

Oh, and did I mention that Musk can get away with posting anything now. You love to see it. I hope he swings his dick even more and buys more.

What’s the point of being a billionaire if you can’t have a little fun?

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