Full-year suspension for Browns Deshaun Watson is a “slam dunk”

Aug 14, 2022

At some point there will be a resolution to the Deshaun Watson saga. Though this entire situation has been a content cow for me, I can’t wait until it’s over. It looks like things could move fairly quickly and the NFL seems confident Watson will be suspended for the season.

When the news of the lawsuits first broke I took a cautious approach. There is a process and we have to presume innocence. There is now enough evidence to assume guilt and a one year suspension has to be the minimum penalty.

The NFL has been on the wrong side of history in cases like this. I was thrilled when they appealed Watson’s six-game suspension handed down by an independent arbitrator. Everybody on the planet outside of the idiots in Cleveland who are supporting this asshole knew six-games wasn’t enough. When I read Dov’s tweet that the NFL believes an entire season is a slam-dunk, it restored my faith in the battle of good vs evil.

I normally would agree with this, but unless the NFLPA believes it’s a slam-dunk victory, Watson would lose a shit ton of money if he was suspended next season or beyond. 

Let’s pretend the court proceedings take the entire season; Watson plays and serves his suspension next year. He has a base salary of $46 million next season. Even if the NFL handed him a $5 million fine this year plus the suspension, Watson is only giving up $6 million total.

Browns fans are thinking about football. With $46 million on the line, Deshaun Watson doesn’t give a fuck about you Super Bowl dreams Cleveland.


I don’t disagree with this take, one-year is light considering the lives Watson has affected. However, the NFL is not the criminal justice system. Also the holier than thou bullshit is getting really fucking old. Not just in the Watson case but across the board.

A one-year suspension has been my benchmark since the beginning and I’m not going to waiver from that. People fuck up, people ruin other peoples lives, and people are given second chances. I’m never going to be a fan of Watson, but the NFL and their fans have forgiven Michael Vick, Antonio Brown, and more names to count.

Ah, the forgotten consequences. In a situation like Watson’s we’re all pretty united outside of a few morons. What happens the next time somebody lets some air out of some footballs? What happens if an on-field-incident is overturned by the NFL? 

The ugly truth is, the NFL appealing the case gave Roger Goodell all the power he wanted. The NFLPA gained nothing when Roger could overrule the independent arbitrator. 

It doesn’t feel wrong in this situation, but I may revisit this blog the next time it does.

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