Gay Dog Gets Adopted

Joe Williamson Mar 23, 2022

Tell me your homophobic without telling me your homophobic.

Frezco, the dog of an unkown breed, was abandoned at a shelter in North Carolina because he humped another male dog. That was apparently all the senstive owners needed to see to abandon the little guy and it was probably for the best. Nobody needs that kind of negativity in their life.

Not surprinsingly, there was HUGE interest in getting this adorable dog into a good home where it can be loved regardless of it’s sexual prefence. (Also for the record dogs will hump just about anything and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are gay. I’m the same way.)

Enter Steve and his longtime partner John who filled out the necessary paperwork and were able to take the Frezco home albeit with a new name. According to TMZ they’ve opted to rename him Oscar after the playwright Oscar Wilde who was also gay.

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Joe Williamson

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