Get To The Fantasy Playoffs: The Only Guide You’ll Need

Ryan Hank Nov 21, 2022

Maybe you’re 9-1,10-0, or heck, 7-3; fantasy playoffs are still a few weeks away but your trade deadline has come and gone or it’s right around the corner. Here’s my guide on how to get there and make the playoffs, GUARANTEED!


Disclaimer: my main team is 4-6 and it’s going to take a herculean effort to sneak in. When your studs are James Conner, Curtis Samuel, Allan Lazard, and D’onta Foreman, things are pretty rough. But you want to know how YOUR team gets there and I’m gonna help you do it.

Let’s roll!

FIRST, let’s get this out of the way, this isn’t for the teams at the top, it’s for the 5-5, the 4-6, or the 3-7 teams in the rare 8-team leagues. Now that we have that out of the way here’s what you’ll need to know:


Make sure your QB is at the very least going to put up 20+ points for the rest of the season. Taylor Heinecke might have been your only option because you went RB/RB/RB/RB to start your draft and Drake London is your star wideout. Just kidding, you probably have Tyler Lockett, so you’ll be ok. Dak Prescott was out just long enough that teams forgot about him, dropped him, etc. He’s a great option.

We live in a world where Kirk Cousins is a star and he will be able to distribute the ball. Derek Carr might be enough to get you to the end but at the very least a playoff berth with enough supporting players around a QB that will get you 20 plus.


Second, pay closer attention to the backfields that have either struggled or been cursed with injuries. Isiah Pacheco has pretty much stolen the job from CEH but don’t sleep 100% on Jerick McKinnon. Don’t start him but he might be a smart stash for Weeks 16-18. D’onta Foreman is making it rain in Carolina right now but Chuba Hubbard and Raheim Blackshear are insta-starts if he goes down.

Wait, Ryan, your team sucks though. You tell us every week that you’re barely hanging on. Yes, that’s correct but I’m close enough that this is why you need to follow my lead. When have I led you astray?


SUPER SECRET ADVICE – If you have Travis Kelce, start Travis Kelce all the time no matter what. If he has a broken leg you still start him. If he’s stuck at the airport or he is kidnapped by his brother, start him.

If you don’t have Travis Kelce, make a final push to get Travis Kelce. Consider this the Najee Notice (like you should have him too).


Finally, remember that you don’t necessarily have to have the best players in the playoffs, but it makes it a lot easier; just have the players that will consistently perform at the end. There will be snow weeks coming up, there will be defenses that are ready to upset the contenders so don’t give up.

Now is not the time to coast.

If you have a chance to make a final trade or two, get in there. Don’t give up more draft capital than you can afford but don’t be shy either. Playoffs can be a crazy ride and I’ve seen the unthinkable happen as late as the fantasy final.

Good luck and make sure to get your fix of fantasy football on That Helps No One! FantasyCast each and every week on the Dean Blundell Network, YouTube, and Twitter.

This week we have the great Jim Coventry of SiriusXM and Rotowire.



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