Go-Go To Buffalo: Your Next Baseball Excursion

May 24, 2024

The Toronto Blue Jays, despite it paining me to say, is just not good baseball to watch right now (the last two games withstanding). They are pulling out all the stops in an attempt to bring back the mojo of the past with the appearance of the home run jacket a few nights ago. Taking 2 of 3 from the lowly White Sox was a start but there is still a long way to go. 

If there was a metaphor for this season it would be Kevin Costner in his Yellowstone cowboy gear saying “M’am” as he tips his hat to every mid pitcher in the league who walks on by. (Okay that’s not a metaphor but you get the gist of what I’m saying) It has been a disappointing season to date with not much accountability from the brass.

That said there is good baseball to be had within in striking distance, you just need to cross the border to see it. As someone who just spent the last 48 hours covering the Buffalo Bisons, let me tell you it’s worth the trek. 

If you were to ask most folks in Toronto about Buffalo, NY and the things they know of it, it would go something like this:

  1. Wings
  2. Pat Lafontaine 
  3. The place where you can afford to watch the Leafs

The truth is, The Bisons, who have been a part of the community in Buffalo for a century, are a great team this season (26-21). Sahlen field in Buffalo has been the Bisons home since 1988 and is a fantastic stadium to take in a game.  I’d never been to Buffalo but it turns out going to see tomorrow’s Blue Jays today is not just a good way to see a winning baseball team. It’s also an affordable thing to do (I KNOW! Who knew those still existed).

So for those wondering here’s the math (Money and time).  We left Toronto (Bloor and Ossington area) around 11am Tuesday morning and got to our hotel in Buffalo at 1:04pm. The border was a quick 5 minute wait and from there you are basically in Buffalo. Hotel prices are the same everywhere and depending on your tastes will run you $150-300 a night. You can also just drive back to Toronto afterwords because the games start at 6:05pm EST (The Tuesday game was a quick one but was over at 8:15pm).

Tickets are $21 USD for pretty much any seat in the lower bowl.  All the ballpark food was between $7-10 with large beers going for $10 bucks and you will have great seats!  A family of 4 could go to the game, eat and drink all they want for under $300.00 (a lot less if you are not pounding beers all game) all while sitting 20 rows from the action (Something that could not be accomplished at Rogers Centre in a million years). PLUS the players are super accessible and willing to sign balls and souvenirs.

Orelvis Martinez is a must see, and hit a dinger Tuesday putting his team leading total to 11 and another last night pushing his total to 12. Spencer Horwitz is on the verge of a call up to the big leagues and has settled into the leadoff spot in the Bisons order with a OBP of .450!  Lefty Will Robertson is driving in runs in the middle of the order. Canadian kid, Damiano Palmegiani continues to develop into a constant power threat and there’s plenty of good vibes and mojo to go around on this team. It was great baseball and a great environment. 

I know it’s not the same as MLB, but when your favourite ball team is playing more like a Triple A team then a AL East contender, you might as well go watch one that wins.  

I will hold on to hope that the Blue Jays can right this ship but in the meantime we will see you again soon Sahlen Field! GO GO BUFFALO!  

Scott Belford

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