Video: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Just Walked Into Yankee Stadium And Big-Dicked Gerrit Cole Going 4/4 With 3 Home Runs AFTER Having His Hand Sliced Open.

Apr 14, 2022

Vlad Jr is a fucken throwback.

I MEANNNNNN. Is this kid the real deal or what? Sorry for the wordy title folks but I had to get all of the information in just to hammer the point home.

I’ll say it again. Vladimir Guerrero Jr.just walked into Yankees Stadium against the MLB’s highest-paid pitcher and went 4/4 launching 3 home runs. Even the Yankees were impressed.

The stats are piling up for the kid as well.

I have no more words. I love that it happened in the “mecca” of baseball in New York City, I LOVE it happened against the Yankees and I love the Gerrit Cole got his lunch fed to him in front of the entire world. The $325 million dollar man looks DEAD inside.

INJECT IT INTO MY VEINS. The Toronto Blue Jays hashtag is becoming real life, this team really is #NextLevel.

Oh.  He went insane After Aaron Hicks stepped on Vlad’s finger slicing him open for two stitches (we found out from Vlad in a post-game).  He waved off Montoyo, taped it up,  then absolutely hammered two more shots including one from Cole that no one should be able to hit, much less hit over the fence.  Not sure if I’ve ever seen someone get in front of a 98 MPH inside fastball and hit it 420 feet.

And he did it after getting this injury.

LOL ^ fuck you, New York.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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