Gotta See It: Artemi Panarin Clowned Nikita Kucherov HARD In The Handshake Line

Apr 17, 2019

Artemi Panarin was all smiles Tuesday night in Columbus as his Blue Jackets made history, sweeping the Tampa Bay Lightning from the first round. For his good buddy Nikita Kucherov it was nothing but disappointment as after the 3rd best regular season in NHL history, the Bolts were bounced in the first round. So do you think for one second Kucherov was going to be all jokes after? Not a fucking chance, and look how the Breadman handles himself in the handshake line…

Savage move, one buddy to the next. My buddies are all emo, we would have just hugged and cried. Here’s some more highlights from the handshakes as Columbus has shaken up the East!


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