Gotta See It: Toronto Maple Leafs Take The TTC To Nathan Phillips Square For An Open Practice

Feb 7, 2019

Switching it up is a good thing to do in life. I am firm believer that a change in routine is positive.
The Leafs’ decided to do just that by changing their practice location today. They took the TTC(Torontos subway system) in all of their gear to Nathan Phillips Square for an open practice. For those readers not familiar with Nathan Philips Square it’s an urban plaza in the heart of the city. In the winter there is a public skating rink for all to enjoy. Gotta love Canada.
The visuals are hilarious and I’m sure the people who showed up to watch in person enjoyed themselves as well. The players seemed to be having a great time riding the subway during rush hour in full equipment. Here are the highlights.

Jake Muzzin on TTC Subway on his way to practice in Toronto.
Freddy Anderson finds a seat during rush hour on the TTC
Mitch Marner waves while on his way to work during the morning rush.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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