GRAPHIC: Dude’s Beer Belly Turns Out To Be 77 Pound Tumour

Nov 28, 2018

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It sure is fella!  All 77 pounds of it you lucky guy!  I dunno if having an 80-pound cancerous tumor is lucky but the immediate weight loss sure is.


Source:  At 300 pounds, he said, strangers had started to stare, and friends were cracking jokes about his “beer belly,” even though he said he rarely drank the beverage.

“I just thought I was fat,” Hernandez said in a phone interview on Tuesday with The Washington Post. But Hernandez said his stomach kept feeling “heavy” and “hard” to the touch, so he got a second opinion. Ultimately, he said, he was diagnosed with a retroperitoneal liposarcoma, a rare but cancerous tumor that forms in fat cells, according to the Mayo Clinic. Doctors don’t know when the tumor started growing. Or why. But it weighed 77 pounds, according to his surgeon. 

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Thank God for second opinions.  His surgery was a success and Hector is on the mend.

I wonder how many fat people will be heading for an ultrasound in hopes the mass they carry around is a massive tumor.  Benign.  Malignant is bad.



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