Grown Man Steals Autographed Football Out of Young Buffalo Bills’ Fans Hands

May 17, 2022

Imagine being a parent and consoling your kid because a grown man stole an autographed football right out of your kids hand? Unfortunately a family had to deal with that this weekend. Fantasy football season is coming in hot and heavy, and there are some really good quarterbacks to choose from, but who do you want on your fantasy team? This may come to a shock for many of you, but I was wrong. I thought that the New England Patriots were going to draft a linebacker this year, turns out, they didn’t have to.

Grown Man Steals Autographed Football Out of Young Buffalo Bills’ Fans Hands 

If you’re a parent, I want you to imagine what you’d do if this happened to one of your children. Doing more research I learned that the family drove six-hours to the event, so that the young fan could meet some of his favourite Buffalo Bills’ players. I want to say that I’m shocked by this adults’ actions, but unfortunately we live in a time that nothing shocks anymore. How do you as a grown man go home and be proud that you own this football? This guy broke a kid’s heart and it wasn’t an accident. I get this isn’t a federal crime, but this just rubs me so wrong. Maybe I’m sensitive today because of the tragic events of the weekend, and I’m in no way comparing this to what happened in Buffalo, but I’m just imagining a kid who is trying to be a kid, spending time with his family and meeting his heroes, this just makes me sick.

Fantasy Football 101: Which Quarterback Are You Drafting First?

Honestly you can’t go wrong with any of the quarterbacks listed in this tweet, however it’s my responsibility to try and guide you towards which quarterback to pick, so here it is. Though I believe Josh Allen will take a bit of a step back in fantasy this season, he’s probably still going to be the dominant quarterback in this group. The addition of James Cook is going to give the Bills a better running game, teamed up with Devin Singletary. However, Cook is also crazy good in the pass game and will help boost Allen’s numbers. I don’t believe Sean McDermott wants Allen running the ball like he did last season, hence why I believe Allen will take a bit of a step backwards, but he’s still going to get you a ton of points. If Allen isn’t available when it’s your time to pick, then I rank the other guys: Joe Burrow, Tom Brady, Justin Herbert.

Patriots’ Young Linebacker Corps is Ready To Go

Heading into the 2022 NFL Draft I was one of those people who believed that one of Bill Belichick’s priorities needed to be addressing the Linebacker position. Of course in typical Belichick fashion he didn’t. I was also one of those people who forgot that the New England Patriots have a young corps of linebackers. McGrone and McMillian are two guys I have a lot of hope for. I’m also hopeful that Josh Uche is able to step into a more prominent role on New England’s defense. We also need to consider that the Patriots signed guys like Jabrill Peppers who will probably play just as much linebacker as he does safety. Add in Adrian Phillips and Kyle Dugger doing the same things as Peppers, and I don’t have a lot of worries surrounding this Patriots team.

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