Happiest Place On Earth: Man Gets Caught Cheating On His Wife With The Nanny Thanks To Disney Worlds Splash Mountian Photo

Mr. Epidermis May 4, 2022

Via New York Post NY Post – Disney World wasn’t the happiest place on Earth for one jilted ex-wife.

For Natalie, now a single mom of two, the Disney Kingdom may have lost a bit of its magic after she discovered that her husband was cheating with one of their family’s two au pairs thanks to a telltale souvenir snapshot.

The “slut” nanny has since filed a restraining order against her livid former employer. …

“We went to Disneyland [sic] in Orlando and took the nanny with us to help with the kids … Not the husband,” Natalie, 33, penned as the caption of her trending TikTok testimonial. “I was going through old photos and came across more than one where they were a little too close,” she added. …

[T]he scorned spouse, who ultimately divorced the adulterous dog, shared a follow-up video, explaining that the “slut” babysitter has since moved into her family home, filed a police report against her and has recently given birth to her ex-husband’s baby. …

“I got a phone call from the police saying, ‘Apparently, you were calling her a slut and hurling abuse at her,’” she said. “And I was like, ‘Yep! I did that. Not going to deny it, because she is a slut.’”

Luckily, Natalie claims that she was ultimately able to convince the governess-turned-groom-stealer to drop the charges.

And she admittedly wishes that her ex and the nanny would have been honest about their affinities for one another, rather than leaving her in the dark about their affair. …

“At the end of the day, if they really love each other — they just had a baby together — then, who am I to stop them from being together?” Natalie said.

Yikes, of all the places to get caught. You get caught at Disney World snugging up to the nanny on space mountain?

C’mon man!

Splash Mountain played a big part in breaking up family, it seems to be for the best. The ride expodited the inveitable. They were getting too close on the ride so the wife decided to investigate further and of course found he was cheating.

Fellas, never hire the hot nanny, it’s not good for business.

Mr. Epidermis

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