Hate Vladimir Putin? The F*ck Putler Merchandise Is Live And All Proceeds Are Going To Ukraine Relief

Dean Blundell Merch Shop May 2, 2022

The minds at the Dean Blundell Shop have done it again.

Introducing our Fuck Putler line.

Yes, this is a play on words on words with Hitler because Vladimir Putin is not far off.

Head on over to the Dean Blundell Store for all of your Fuck Putler needs. We didn’t stop at t-shirts this time. We went full gusto.

Stickers? Sure thing.

Ladies and Men’s t-shirt? Yup!

How about some car flags?

As we said above ALL proceeds are being sent directly to Alex Dayrabekov to aid in the Ukraine war effort. Our last, Slava Ukraine initative raised over $6000 for Alex. Let’s try to crack the 10K mark this month!

Last but not least, FUCK PUTLER!

Dean Blundell Merch Shop

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