Have Canadians lost faith in Hockey Canada?

Aug 31, 2022

Hockey Canada’s board of directors stated that they support President Scott Smith. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the Government and Canadians have lost faith in Hockey Canada. 

A few months back, a scandal at Hockey Canada came to light when it was revealed that the governing body of Canadian hockey had been covering up sex scandals. The public incidents happened in 2003 and 2018. Members of the Canadian junior team were involved in incidents of sexual assault. Rather than disciplining the players involved, Hockey Canada used a slush fund built from minor hockey registrations and settled the incidents with the victims. 

Yep, real shady shit.

My initial reaction to the scandal was disgust. I also took a shot at the overall culture of hockey. As a country, Canada has enabled this despicable behavior and cultivated locker rooms full of entitled caucasian frat boys who suffer zero consequences for their actions. When all the news started dropping, I wasn’t shocked at all. I chuckled when all the corporate sponsors began pulling out their financial support. I thought this would be the kick in the nuts that Canada needed. 

However, Hockey Canada never fails to believe they’re untouchable. Despite calls from everybody to make a leadership change, Hockey Canada, no, fuck you, fuck the victims, and fuck every moral hockey player in Canada. Scott Smith makes us a shit ton of money; we don’t give two shits about the sport or our public image; we support our president and CEO. That’s not an exact quote, but that’s how I interpreted the statement.

So though the honorable Prime Minister and I see very little eye-to-eye, Justin fuckin nailed it, at least in my opinion. I have lost total faith in Hockey Canada. I wouldn’t say I like the culture of the game I grew up playing, watching, and loving. It’s a sad affair. Just days after I celebrated Nazem Kadri bringing Lord Stanley’s Cup to a Muslim Mosque and making a statement for the hockey game, Hockey Canada set the game back another 50 years. 

What are your thoughts on this? Have you lost faith in Hockey Canada?

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