Heidi Klum Cares Not For Instagram Guidelines And Posts A Nip Slip On Her IG

Mr. Epidermis Nov 23, 2022

Via Women’s Health Magazine Heidi Klum, person who recently dressed as a worm for Halloween, is out here thriving on Instagram. And by that, I mean, she woke up, decided she had zero f*cks to give about the platform’s censorship rules, and posted a photo of herself in a white leotard with a casual nip-slip.

I want what she’s having, TBH.

Anyway, unclear who makes Heidi’s white spaghetti strap bodysuit, but considering she just did a shoot with Kim Kardashian’s company Skims, now seems like a good time to buy ourselves this:

People are up in arms! Settle down folks it’s just a nipple! Free the breast! If Instagram doesn’t care and didn’t take down the post neither should you. The comments on her post are disgusting. Men and incel men in particular are so triggered. We tend to highlight these stories not for the story itself but for the pure dumb male outrage because a woman decides to show off her body. They get so offended it’s hilarious.

Get it, Heidi!

PS: Get you a woman who can do both. Look like a hard 10/10 and also dress like a slug for Halloween! The best.

The GOAT Heidi Klum ladies and gentlemen.

Mr. Epidermis

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