“Hello, I’m An Idiot” – Conservative Extremist Party Of Canada’s Latest Anti-Trudeau Bot Campaign Is Quite The Treat

Sep 16, 2022

Pierre’s Russian bot farms are targeting Canadians with a psychological operation tonight. The same “OP” Russian troll/bot farms worked in the US last week.

And it’s fucking HILARIOUS.

Here’s the skinny:

Bot farms/Troll farms were given a script:


Concern for your fellow citizens and the direction of the country.

Something fantastic about the bot’s heroic personal achievements or a sad story about a family that doesn’t exist

#TrudeauMustGo hashtag.

The goal? Divide Canada, and influence an adverse reaction about Canada’s duly elected PM and government by suggesting Trudeau has ruined their once beautiful lives. LOL.


Hundreds of thousands of these tweets have been shared and boosted over the past 24 hours, and the paid campaign will go through the weekend.

Unless, of course, they get shamed into shutting it down.

I laugh at these “Ops” now. Almost every one of these “Hi, I’m Alan, a 46-year-old chronic masturbator with five kids who wonders what happened to my country” tweets comes with a stock picture from a brand spanking new account followed by THOUSANDS of bots. They then retweet Alan’s fake story to continue to divide this country and drive hate with a passive-aggressive concerned hero tweet. I’d be concerned if I didn’t see millions of these last week and have a contact who feeds me this shit.

Like PP’s march to the CPC leadership, it’s all bullshit propped up by fake accounts and paid Russian trolls who can’t vote, so he’s fucked.

And if any of these bots and trolls were real, they’d be considered pussies who blame a politician they’ve never met for their misery.

Lying like this is unsustainable, but man is it ever funny.

Someone needs to tell Pierre to get a new troll farm.

What I loved about this specific operation is how many anonymous accounts SWORE they were genuine people whose lives have sucked rocks since JT came to town. You know, the lying victim class.

Most of the support and push for the “Trudeau Has To Go Op” comes from bots who follow dummy accounts.

Almost every account was anonymous, so I lumped them together in the bot/troll category. Combine the trolls who think they are doing the work of the Lord and the white man, and BOOM. You got yourself an excellent old-fashioned fake trend about a particular group of weak-minded, soft-AF conservatives who’ve been personally ruined by A PM calling some of them “Fringe,” “Racist,” or “misogynist,” which we know a portion are.

That’s where this comes from, BTW.

These dorks and the conservatives have so much to be angry and Trudeau about (we all do), yet they’re pissed about being called “FRINGE”? Pretty sure that’s called being soft. A victim who thinks a dorky PM they’ve never met is responsible for their happiness—a loser.

Some of the stories are cute, and I’m sure some people are real, but very few.  And the accounts are driven by real people? Not overly bright. Standard fare.

For the record. Wearing Blackface is racist and wrong. That does stop racists from continually posting pictures of JT’s Blackface to prove how void of a point they are.

There are SO many OTHER legit issues:

  • Calling a pandemic election power grab when we were SICK AF
  • The WE charity sole source/family ties
  • SNC Lavlin
  • Bill C-11
  • Telco servitude/Rates

Harp on that shit for a while instead of pretending you’re this chap who seems to take responsibility for starting this trend which is a total lie. It began in the US a month ago.

Scared of a self-directed hypothetical scenario. Cool. That means “Marty” is soft, emotionally unwell, or lying for effect. Maybe all three.

“Marty,” the internet hero, isn’t real either. No last name. “Marty” isn’t the only Anti-Trudeau Bot/Troll who can’t point to any specific thing JT did to ruin their lives or how he will destroy ours.

They say it and hope the bots catch the keywords to launch them into relevant cult hero status among the rubes.

It’s all hypothetical, fear-mongering because that’s the only goal.

And none of it is real.
















Dean Blundell

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