Here’s Don Cherry’s response to the news

Shug McSween Nov 12, 2019

Don Cherry is unemployed and ‘Grapes’ doesn’t seem to care one bit, as he stood behind what he said and chose not to apologize on the matter.

Cherry spoke with Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun and had this to say:

It appears Mr Cherry may be allergic to an apology, and at 85-years-old, some would say that’s totally ok.

Regardless of how you digested Don Cherry’s comments, the important piece of this wild puzzle is to make sure the initial conversation moves forward.

Don’s right here on one thing, more Canadians need to wear Poppies. He lost me though when he decided to direct his statement to one specific group of people.

Don’t forget to show your love and support to our fallen Soldiers and those who currently serve. Not only on November 11th but mix it in more around the holidays and all the days you find a moment to remember in between.

And to anyone who has served, there isn’t a day that should go by where somebody doesn’t show gratitude toward your life decisions which more importantly effect all of ours. We thank you.

Mr Cherry on the other hand. All the best out there.

And, a hard pass on your lame response.


PS:Imagine this one in 2019….

Shug McSween

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