He’s Been Arrested 25 Times In 26 Months But Chris Sky Wants To Sue Me For Pointing It Out. LOLZ.

Mar 21, 2023

I thought I washed the Chris Sky stink out of my life a year ago but here we are again!

Dean 1.0 lives for this shit. Dean 2.0 is all in too.


Thanks for visiting Crier Media, Chris.



Video: Chris Sky’s Latest Arrest Video Looks Like All The Other Chris Sky Arrest Videos

How many times has he been arrested and charged?  Let him tell you…


Where I come from, we have a name for people who get arrested 25 times in 26 months.


Now I don’t know many people who’ve been charged and arrested this much who don’t accept the simple premise of criminality. But Chris is special that way. He leans into these accusations as opportunities like he plays off every arrest.

He parlays arrests into victim-grifting opportunities selling t-shirts to fight the man or this fugazi mayoral campaign. It’s fucking hilarious to me that he thinks my pointing out his criminal behavior and multiple arrests comes at an inopportune time for him during an “ELECTION.” LOLOLOLOL.

This post consists of his own handy work and his words, multiple arrest videos, and that sweet, sweet, dick-neck tattoo, so don’t take my word for it. Take his.

Chris’s name comes up a lot in this Heroin trafficking document. Maybe that’s not him, either.

Now dance for me, Chris, you useless ferret. I know you want to. If you’re not busy threatening to kill premiers and assaulting cops.




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