Hey, Canadian Media. Can you start doing your job?

Jason Pugh Jun 12, 2023

Yesterday during Pierre Poilievre’s press conference, amongst the garbage he spewed was the line “Beijing financed Trudeau Foundation.”

So I took a screenshot and posted this on Twitter:

I’ll repeat it: Reporters should IMMEDIATELY call out Pierre Poilievre on his bullshit.

The one-time donation (which has been returned) from just a couple of years ago does not mean (and Pierre should not be allowed to get away with saying) that the Trudeau Foundation is “Beijing financed.”

Seems as though my tweet struck a nerve. People are fed up with Canadian Media letting him get away with spewing pure garbage and lies.

I agree. Sure seems that way!

It’s OK, Mike. Conservatives are allowed to blatantly lie! (According to #cdnmedia)

They just let him repeat that lie ad nauseam.

Oh, and there’s that. But Pierre doesn’t give a damn about facts and reality.

The other day they did ask him to clarify what he meant by his statement about Trudeau leaving his teaching job. (You know. That ridiculous debunked conspiracy theory that PP was recently peddling in the House of Commons.) But ultimately, let it go when he said what he stated was factually correct, in that Trudeau did stop teaching, and they’d have to ask Trudeau why.

You see Poilievre didn’t want to say anything about it outside of the House of Commons because in that magic room Members of Parliament have parliamentary privilege. Which means they can lie. (Pierre Poilievre LOVES his parliamentary privilege!)

However, asking him to clarify what he was alluding to or what his opinion on an issue is one thing.

In this case, there’s absolutely no reason to ask Poilievre what he means by saying Beijing finances the Trudeau Foundation. At all.

He’s just outright lying. Not up for debate. Everyone knows it’s false. He knows it. Reporters / Journalists of Canadian media know it. Yet they just let him get away with repeating lies.

If they let him, he’ll keep repeating this and other lies. Why? Because the people who he needs the most, the Conservative Base, either don’t know it’s a lie, or they just don’t care.

When you let his lies go unchallenged, then you are helping Poilievre. (Which, by the way, is NOT your job.)

So to all you folks of #Cdnmedia out there. In case you’re unaware, you can call Pierre Poilievre out on his bullshit and lies.

That’s actually your job.

So start doing it.

Jason Pugh

Jason Pugh

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