Hey Philly, It’s A Best Of Seven So Tell Allen Iverson To Sit Down And Finish His Keg.

May 3, 2019

Honest to Christ, I have no Idea how this entire fanbase hasn’t died of a massive Myocardial Infarction by now.  It happens every year, like fucking hayfever.  The Toronto Raptors went sub-zero again in game three and it was REALLY hard to watch, especially if you have anxiety issues.

Kawhi basically scored all the Raptor’s points (33) and that’s gonna happen every night.  It’s a gimme. like getting the herp on spring break.  EVERYONE else doesn’t go cold for 4-7 games especially on this team.

Nick Nurse will figure it out.

Kyle and Siakam will be fine.  So if someone can tell AI to sit the fuck down and watch the game, that would be great.

Allen is the only man on earth with more money around his neck than in his bank account.  Some would say that might be safer.  I take that back.  I feel sad for AI.  He’s drilled his life into the toilet to the point where he gets paid by sitting courtside, handing out bumper stickers at local high schools.   Maybe that’s why he’s so excited.  Maybe it just reminds him of the time when he was the best player in the game and he just loves the team.

Or maybe he’s so tuned from a 48 hour Casino bender he thinks it’s game 7.

Things I liked about the game

Jack shit.  Meh, that’s not true.  I liked Kyle submarining Ben Simmons and really appreciated the light ball graze in retaliation.


Right in the pills.  Kyle started it.

I liked Nick Nurse leaving Kawhi out to start the fourth Q for shits and giggles and the subsequent instant hate people have for Nick Nurse.

It’s SOOOOOOOO Toronto.  “Fire Nurse and Babcock in a live stream on YouTube!!!!”

I LOVED Pascal Siakam’s Draymond Green Impression…


…and I appreciated Joel Embiid taking this enormous shit in our collective eyes with this big, fat, windmill, hammer jacking in the 4th, and subsequent taunting.  Kings respect Kings and I’d do the exact same thing.

Nick Nurse didn’t go 2-11 and there isn’t a tweet from some armchair scout who blames the loss on Nick Nurse’s inability to adapt.

The players (Except Kawhi….again) sucked because they played scared.

Get it together Francis.


Dean Blundell

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