Hey Rihanna, we’ll take Nuno Bettencourt back now thanks!

brentonontour Mar 2, 2023

So, Rihanna does the half time show for the Superbowl and it features the return of guitar virtuoso Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme)..Kinda…

I mean he was on stage, he was in the rehearsal video’s but by no means featured in the actual show. Sure, it’s Rihanna and all eyes will be on her return to the stage after such a long absence! However, she has one of the greatest guitar players in the history of rock in the band and had an incredible opportunity to snag all the rock fans by sending a little love his way and letting him rip the stadium apart. That didn’t happen! It’s like keeping McDavid as a 4th line left winger with Kyle Wellwood as his centre and Alexandre Daigle on the right wing for you hockey buffs.Opportunity missed!

Good thing Nuno has a band that occasionally makes rock records! Sure, “More than Words” is the acoustic baby dream that technically took down rock but a “Hits a Hit” right? Fast forward to “Rise” the new single from said band and Nuno is on full display. If you want to skip all the Gary Cherone parts (which is understood), head to around 2:20 and that face melting part that Rihanna could have put on display and secured a substantial portion of rock fans in the process is there for your ears and eyes!

I think the only way to make this right is to have Extreme support Rihanna around the world!

A few things happen here. Nuno is already there so she saves on travel, her fans get a dose of much needed rock and denied yet another manufactured pop artist and the moms still get to sing “More than Words!”

Rock is still here. You just gotta look a little harder for it. Thankfully we still have Nuno to fly to flag for us all!


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