Hey Tim Hortons: How About A Pascal Siakam Double-Double Promo?

Mar 19, 2023

I feel like someone over at Timmies needs to be fired.

I mean, this is the type of idea that should have been obvious years ago, like when Chris Bosh was still on the team.

Pascal Siakam has 19 double-doubles this season. For those unfamiliar with what that means, please make your way to the tea aisle or stop reading this article.

Siakam just passed Jose Calderon for fifth on the all-time double-double list in Raptors franchise history. If he gets another 18 he will pass Antonio Davis.

So listen, Tim Hortons, this is called a marketing campaign. You run a free double-double for every Siakam double-double for the rest of the season (for people who were at the game who can redeem the coffee for their ticket stub), and you encourage customers to keep on eye on the scorecard to see if Siakam can pass Davis.

And you sell a shit load of coffee in the interim.

Siakam is killing it, and I don’t like having to do your job for free, Timmies, but Jesus this is a no-brainer.

A Siakam double-double contest can rally Raptors fans, and even motivate Siakam to keep racking up quality games, and the team to keep on winning, especially at home where they have now won 7 straight.

What are you looking at? Get to work. I expect to see something by Monday.

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