Hillary Duff Poses Completley Naked For The Women’s Health Cover To Promote Body Positivity

Mr. Epidermis May 10, 2022

We here at the publication are big on body positivity.

Listen, it’s not easy being a child star. People older than you tell you how you are supposed to look from a very young age. A very impresionable age. Some child stars get scarred for life and become really fucked up from the fame and attention. See Amanda Bynes, Linday Lohan, Brittney Spears the list goes on. It always seemed though Hillary Duff had it all together. Huge show on family channel, singing career, feature film and she never shaved her head or went into drugs. A true roll model for young stars. Hillary did struggle with body image issues and an eating disorder at the age of 17 as she explains in her recent interview with Women’s Health Magazie. You can read more about Hillary’s choice to pose nude here

Long story short, she’s proud of her body after having three kids and struggling with an eating disorder at the age of seventeen. She’s thirty-four now. Which is crazy considering most people still think of her as Lizzie McGuire. Hillary did it right, she made her money and got out of the business with nearly no trauma during a time where nearly every child star on earth was guaranteed to go crazy. And now she’s posing nude on the cover of Women’s Health. What a queen. Our queen. You go Hillary.

Mr. Epidermis

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