Hockey Canada Has Used Millions of Dollars To Protect Sexual Predators Because They’re Gross

Oct 5, 2022

We all knew Hockey Canada was gross. Turns out they’re even grosser than we all thought.

I’ll tell you what grinds my gears the most about this outside of predators victimizing women and those victims having to live with what happened for the rest of their lives. Hockey Canada has allowed the sport to grow to a point where children in this country are being priced out of the game.

You can’t afford the costly equipment if your parents don’t make at least six combined figures. The rising price of hockey registration has ensured that not everybody can participate in the game. Only so Hockey Canada can use that money to cover up for sexual predators. It makes me sick.

I want to point out that sports media in this country has been doing a really shitty job of covering the story. Journalists covering the news have been all over this, yet some of the prominent hockey personalities on some big letter stations haven’t said a word about it. I open up a popular app hourly that showed me a daily story about DeShaun Watson, yet I found out about the $11 million hush money when Dean Blundell sent me a DM.

The apps I was clicking on weren’t showing me the stories. I’ve been so consumed the last week working with some of our female partners and content creators who are verbally abused on Twitter that I haven’t been paying attention to everything else happening around me. I didn’t even notice the story on Twitter until Dean’s DM. But I was on popular Canadian sports apps and saw nothing.

I’m disappointed in NHL players right now, especially the Canadian ones. Nathan MacKinnon hasn’t said much; I think he said something like it’s gross and never should have happened. I haven’t seen much about Sidney Crosby. Why aren’t these guys who put the shield on their chest, who have represented this country as a part of that team saying anthing? Why aren’t they standing up and putting Hockey Canada on blast? Because they may have to oust a guy sitting beside them, that’s why they’re not saying anything. Because protecting the integrity of the sports and the integrity of the Hockey Canada shield, trumps human decency.

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