Hockey Twitter Absolutely Dragged Cassie Campbell Last Night And It Wasn’t Pretty

Mar 20, 2022

Full disclosure I don’t watch a ton of regular season hockey anymore. The Leafs may be on a Saturday night because the wife is a fan but outside of that, I am more an NBA/NFL guy. Maybe I am a bit salty. Right out of broadcast school I worked for the NHL Network for a year then was laid off along with 55 other people when Sportsnet bought the rights to the NHL. Goodbye dream job. In any case, I would much rather watch an out-of-market NBA game over an NHL game 10 days out of 10, so I am in no position to chirp and comment on the broadcast quality of Cassie Campbell.

I saw Cassie trending this morning so naturally took a look as to why because TBH I don’t mind Cassie Campbell and truly believe there should be more women in podcasting and broadcasting. However, apparently, hockey twitter does not agree.

Oooof. Do I think she garners all this criticism because she is a woman in hockey, yes…yes I do. Hockey is a male-dominated bro fest and its fans are much of the same. My opinion aside some women also took shots at Cassie last night.

Is she really that bad? I have no idea because like I said I would rather read the dictionary than watch an out-of-market NHL game. Maybe the PP1 guys have some insight on this.

Yikes. Poor Cassie, maybe colour commentary isn’t for her. I’ll let you guys tell me what’s up but if hockey Twitter is any indication no Bueno.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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