Hot Girl Summer: Drunk Blue Jays Fan Punches Cop In The Face Then Eats Some Serious Concrete

Apr 9, 2022

Hot girl summer y’all. You know this girl with the backwards Jays hat was screaming that at the top of her lungs pre-game while she was crushing back a few white claws in her Toronto condo.

The Jays home opener in the 500 section EVERY SINGLE YEAR is a fucking gongshow. Guarantees in life. Death, Taxes, The Leafs losing in the first round and fights breaking out in the 500 section at the Blue Jays home opener every year.

Not to mention Torontonians have been robbed of a home opener for the past 2 years due Covie 19, you knew all that pent up energy was going to come to a head. Thank god someone recorded it.

Let’s break down the video shall we? It actually wasn’t the girls fault at all that she ate concrete. It was a big misunderstanding. Kind of.

I am going to preface this with under no circumstance should you ever hit a cop. Cops literally are waiting for you to lay a hand on them so they can kick the shit out of you.

For the sake of this breakdown let’s call blonde hair, backwards hat, jays jersey wrapped around her waist Stephanie.

Stephanie got wasted, probably verbally assaulted a fan and was getting kicked out. As her back was turned, blue tracksuit guy pushes her down the stairs into the arms of the cop.

Stephanie, turns thinking it was the cop who pushed her and fucks up hard. Punching the female cop in the face. Whooooops. Wrong move Steph. The female cop immediately gets the green light to make Stephanie eat some concrete. She is forcibly removed to the applause of the crowd.

I ask you, what happened to “blue tracksuit guy” who pushed a women and started this whole mess. Ricky is probably waiting in the beer line for his 4th $22.99 tall beer without a care in the world. Classic mixup. Never hit a cop kids. It NEVER goes well. Ladies don’t be a Stephanie. Maybe 3 white claws instead of 6.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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