How did Caroline Frolic land the P.A. announcing gig with the Vancouver Canucks?

brentonontour Mar 7, 2023

Remember way back when hockey arena’s were empty and the players were faced with piped In NHL 20 sound affects for fans? Imagine having to call games for an NHL Team during that time and how awkward it sounded? Well, Caroline Frolic was faced with just that task as the first female P.A. Announcer in Vancouver Canucks’ history and handled it like a boss!

From this past week on Do.Did.Will. “The Story of People” Podcast, Caroline breaks down what it was like to announce penalties, goals and sponsor reels to an empty arena that was broadcasted to millions weekly. Imagine getting a press box seat that enabled you to hear every J.T. Miller F’bomb after F’bomb or even the coach freak outs in full 4d Audio!

Catch the whole Episode below and in your ears HERE or wherever you get your pods!



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