How important is the bottom of the lineup to the Blue Jays success?

Aug 31, 2022

The Toronto Blue Jays have been the poster child of inconsistency this season. After an embarrassing sweep by the Angels over the weekend, boy did the Jays need that win over the Cubs Monday night.

I’m so happy that I’m not writing about a Blue Jays loss. The three games over the weekend has Toronto clinging onto a playoff spot again. I think Jay’s fans are going to just have to accept it’s not going to be a comfortable September. Toronto’s ups and downs will continue, and we’ll hold our breath and wait to see if they make the playoffs.

However, last night gave me more hope than I’ve had over the last few weeks. The hero of Monday night’s extra inning win was Danny Jansen. Jansen drove in four of the Blue Jays five runs. Jansen being the hero is significant. Over the past two weeks I have been talking about George Springer and his impact on the team. Basically Springer’s day-to-day performance dictated whether Toronto had a shot at winning or not. The bottom of the lineup coming through for Toronto was crucial. World Series are won on great pitching and the bottom of your lineup over achieving.

I’m not going to take you on the roller coaster of emotions and tell you that the Blue Jays are World Series contenders. The pitching still lets up way too many base runners and the batters leave way too many men on base. It’s not a formula for success. The Blue Jays also aren’t getting consistency from the top of the lineup. However, Danny Jansen’s performance Monday night vs the Chicago Cubs is a positive step forward.

The Blue Jays need the bottom of the order to come through, especially when the big bats aren’t being effective. Any hope the Toronto Blue Jays have of winning the World Series will come down to pitching, and how the 7, 8, 9 batters are performing at the plate.

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