How Soon To Another Them Crooked Vultures Album?

Todd Hancock Nov 4, 2019

Queens Of The Stones Age singer Josh Homme recently sat down with Rolling Stone magazine and his project w/ Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, Them Crooked Vultures, came up in conversation.

Homme told RS that he’s open to the idea of making new music with Them Crooked Vultures, saying, “The ironic thing is that we all want to do another Vultures record and I think everyone has certain roles they play in the Vultures, and in all honesty, I feel like part of Dave’s role — since he got it together the first time by saying, ‘Hey, do you wanna try this?’ — I feel like that’s part of in his job description in Vultures. I have my various things that I’m supposed to do I think, but that isn’t one of them. But I’m always ready to be in Them Crooked Vultures again. I don’t chase, you know?”

Homme added: “I think, ultimately, these things happen when they’re supposed to, and I don’t have much experience in forcing things to happen like that. When you’re playing music, people come together because they want to and not from a sense of need or desperation. I think that’s the best reason to come together.”

Remember a few months ago, Dave Grohl did an interview with The Guardian and said the band is “technically still a band. We practice once every decade, and we’re coming up on another decade, aren’t we. I don’t have any official news but there’s always something cooking.”

“Them Crooked Vultures” peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard chart and haven’t performed live since November 2010.

Maybe that changes sooner than we know?


Written by Todd Hancock

Todd Hancock

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