How to give the Marvel Universe a shot in the proverbial arm? This week, The Punisher!

Chris Cochrane Mar 11, 2023
Ok, I’m going to get straight to the guts of the subject. Quentin Tarantino, Jon Berthnal, Shia Labeouf, Vincent D’Onofrio and a Pulp Fiction vibe. Let’s rock!
Ok, so I do realize that getting Tarantino to have any part in a Marvel film/show is crazy, but you know what they say about crazy people, don’t you? They all live in Regina, the “City that Rhymes with fun”-Deadpool
On the other hand, Labeouf and Berthnal are buddies and damn fine actors. Jon Berthnal continues as Frank Castle aka the Punisher and Shia Labeouf as Bullseye aka Dex.
Yes, I am aware that Bullseye is a Daredevil villain, but he has also crossed paths with Frank. The swagger and added powers of Dex (Bullseye) add to the Pulp Fiction vibe. The Kingpin portrayed by the incomparable Vincent D’onofio is the icing on the cake. The character of Marsellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction is actually very similar to our favorite crime boss from the Marvel Universe. Just a little less action from “the back of a Volkswagen.”
As for the overall “Pulp Fiction” vibe? Lots of cutscenes, overlapping stories, and a stylized music score for sure! The key here is the mind of Tarantino and the fact that his vision will be brought to fruition. Having too much interference in the proper director’s final product is a huge problem for Marvel. I can just picture “Dave and Dan” in a Marvel boardroom picking apart a great script and adding a giant spider or something, then jetting off for fusion sushi. Did you know that a Spider-Man comic book has more editors than artists? Quentin is a self-admitted Marvel Comic Book fan, but not of the current titles. Awesome! Let’s get the silver/bronze, the classic era of Marvel when story AND art were key. Damn, I’m getting excited just pondering the possibilities.
What storyline does Tarantino execute? Not sure, but you know it will be killer. This is Quentin Tarantino we are talking about. Set that stallion free my friends!
I honestly can’t believe this kind of story and vibe has not been brought to life via The Punisher. Seems like a no-brainer. I’m leaning towards a TV series, even a few episodes via Q.T. would be mint and give the Marvel Universe a shot in the proverbial arm.
Party on and be excellent to yourself!
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Chris Cochrane

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