How to stop Wandering around – Tips for staying in the Now

Mar 14, 2019

How many times have you been listening to someone but then start wandering off mentally thinking about what you have to pick up at the store or what you want to have for dinner?

We are typically consumed with the typical responsibilities and obligations:

  • Personal
  • Family/Friends
  • Health
  • Home
  • Work

How hard then is it for anyone trying to become, “mindful” to shut off these distractions and allow time to be in the now?

Can we really JUST watch little Billy… wave when he sees you – smile to the other children – and stay in the now?

The simple answer would be “Yes for sure we COULD do that” but…. How often do we use these times to sneak a few emails, set those upcoming reminders and moreover – use that time to multitask?


These are times that I won’t be able to get back and I want to be present – not just in body but in my mind.

Here are some tips to help start being in the now:

  • Leave the cell at home when at the park with the kiddos – believe it or not, payphones still exist in case of emergency
  • Create “blackout” times for yourself (check out apps like Flipd to help you stay focused in the present)
  • Pay attention to all you do (think about yourself chewing or even what you are thinking about in the moment)
  • Always circle back to breathing concentration

Just in that moment – allow everything else to just be. 

Once you have reached a state of peace and presence – jolt back to the now.  Your focus and state of mind will help from wandering and bring you right back to where you are supposed to be.

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