Humboldt Bronco Bus Crash Victims No Longer Doing Interviews With CTV Over Discriminatory ‘White Hockey Boys’ Comments

Nov 15, 2019

Well, this might change the line up on CTV’s ‘The Social’:

@Strazsr is an account run by Humboldt Bronco’s bus crash victim Ryan Straschnitzki’s dad, Tom.  Last week, Ryan flew to Asia for experimental surgery after being paralyzed in the crash.  He just started moving his legs on his own as a result while his journey back has been expensive and painful, he’s now been marginalized further by Jess Allen’s comments.

Toby Boulet is Logan Boulet’s dad.  Logan lost his life in the Humboldt bus crash and his organs saved the lives of several people giving birth to the ‘Logan Boulet Effect’ where hundreds signed organ donor cards after his passing saving hundreds of lives in the process.  Toby lives with the death of his son every day who, according to Jess Allen, was one of these ‘mean, white boys’.

This is the kind of pr CTV doesn’t. It paints BELL onto a corner when they become complicit in upsetting victims of that appalling accident.
It’s a crying shame, really. There was no need to weaponize a game for performance points and like Don, if she would have apologized and if CTV addressed it properly, we wouldn’t be here.

But what fun is that, really?

Dean Blundell

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