“I Am Not Going After That Chinese Checkmark”: UFC Champion Sean Strickland Doubles Down At His Fight Presser Calling Himself The People’s Champion Who Fights For You And Your Freedom Of Speech

Jan 19, 2024

Yes, I chose the featured image of UFC owner Dana White smiling because the man knows controversy breeds cash. Like or hate what Sean has to say, he is the UFC’s wet dream right now. Must see TV if you will. Even though he spews hate, the man knows how to get people talking and the UFC desperately needed a heel like Sean ever since Connor McGregor faded into a whiskey mogul.

People will tune in on Saturday to see Sean get his face punched in. It sucks however because the likelihood of that happening is low. For as big as Sean’s mouth is his fists are bigger and he is good at his job. His professional record is 20-2 and he rarely loses fights. There is a segment who hates Sean but he also has a loyal fanbase. A fan went as far as to rush to the stage to shake his hand after he talked about freedom of speech.

As I said above the UFC and Dana white love all the publicity. UFC 297 is breaking records.

Tune in Saturday to watch Sean get knocked out, or watch him destroy Du Plasses. That’s the beauty of the fight game, it could go either way.

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