Michael Landsberg’s Son Really Wants You To Know He’s Michael Landsberg’s Son For Some Reason

May 7, 2019

BIIIG FLEX, from a legendary sportscaster’s son got me all into it today.

You never know who might performance tweet at you when you write a blog question the legitimacy of Daryl Katz recent appearance at a news conference.

The Oilers hired Ken Holland to fix their franchise which is a hell of a move but the announcement was overshadowed by Oilers owner, Daryl Katz drastic change in appearance.

If Daryl has life a threatening sinus disorder, that’s awful.  Are we not allowed to wonder why his eyebrows are higher?  Are we not allowed to question whether or not the Billionaire owner had some work done, that went badly.  You all thought the same thing until someone floated the life-threatening sinus disorder news.

At least former OTR host and mental health advocate, Michael Landsberg’s son/producer Corey doesn’t think anyone’s allowed to talk about it because he either knows what Katz is dealing with or it’s a healthy reminder to not take the piss out of someone without all the information.  Although I do applaud the movement of Mental Health Awareness no matter where it comes from.  As long as it’s honest.

Now, the problem here lies with Corey Landsberg.  He replied to a story from DeanBlundell.com (Thanks to Corey,  you should use some of it for prep) where I wondered what happened to Katz.  This is where it started.  Just a protip for all you Corey’s out there.  Be careful what tree you piss on in your attempt to drive your social media numbers for your dad’s VERY poorly rated radio show because he doesn’t need that in his life when he’s fighting for relevance.  Especially when the guy you’re going after thinks stuff like this is Christmas morning.

Here you go:

Corey Landsberg is the son of Michael Landsberg.

Michael Landsberg is the founder of #SickNotWeak encouraging people to talk about mental issues by opening us up to his.  I admired that part of Michael but that’s about it.

Wade Belak took his own life due to overprescription of medicine to deal with what we later found out was riddled with CTE.  His brain was examined by the center founded by Dr. Bennett Omalu.

Jen Belak was furious with Michael misrepresenting his death and suicide by mental illness.

I drove her to his house three years ago on her only return trip to Toronto since Wade passed.

I took Landsberg to the woodshed a few years ago after he started writing Wade’s name on his wrists insinuating Wade took his own life due to depression or mental illness which is categorically untrue.

That didn’t stop Corey from telling me I hate gay people and his dad helps people so my version of setting this little shit-gibbon straight can’t be true, right?

Corey hates me because I embarrassed his dad by calling him out about this years ago.

Now I can guarantee someone who works for TSN has eaten animal feces in their life so again, Corey is wrong.  And he’s deflecting from his hypocrisy.  That’s what people like Corey, Michael and others do when they’re cornered.  They attack you and change the narrative to save face.

“Pig” – technically incorrect.

‘Hates Gay People” – incorrect and slander/libel/etc

‘Thousands of hours of charity work” – Jared from Subway did ‘THOUSANDS OF HOURS” of charity work Corey. So did John Wayne Gacy.

I never write shit like this unless it wasn’t true. I want to know what happened to Daryl Katz.

Daryl has a questionable history. I don’t hope he dies.

I don’t necessarily buy the sinus thing because of the person in question but of course, you feel sorry for a guy like that but a little less sorry because it’s him. You don’t have to share my moral compass.

Oh, and there’s no research to do because we have to take his word for it and I’m fine with that.

Corey, I wouldn’t know who you were if you fell on me but I’ll give you a pass.  Don’t performance tweet at people like me.  Go into work answer some phones, schedule some guests and tweet about the CFL the apply the same purity requests for information to your own family before you accuse me of being a dirtbag.

You’re welcome.

It’s a dirty business this internet, but at least you get to tell the truth and hold performance tweeters accountable.  At this stage, it’s my pleasure.

Just another tweet to balance it out.  No I=idea if Mike got Corey the job.  Just being honest.

Keep it moist, Corey.  Try to not make it look like someone said something they didn’t.

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Corey sent me this article from a real newspaper which says nothing.  Thanks, bud.

And as for our 17 readers, that must be Landsberg for 383,971.  That’s only this week tho so maybe we dip to 17 next week.  I’ll keep you posted, Corey.

I don’t think Corey or his Dad want me to put their radio rating stats in this post.  I won’t say but it rhymes with .6% of the total audience with a margin or error of .5%.

I did that research for you Corey.

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