I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Seen Someone Bomb As Bad At Jo Koy Did At The Golden Globes

Jan 8, 2024

Yikes. This Jo Koy guy ( who I have no idea who he is) according to every single Golden Globes related post on the internet, and every clip I’ve seen , ate gigantic bag of dicks all night long.

In his defence, Jo Koy was only given 10 days notice before agreeing to host.

The worst part of his opening monologue was was the Taylor Swift joke. Which Tay did not appreciate. If you piss of Taylor you get a million of angry Swifties coming after your ass online. Career over.

He also went after Barbie. Great idea, go after an all female movie in a room of feminists. Brilliant stuff.

The audience shots were all time.

It should be Ricky Gervais or no one. Period.Stop.

I hope Jo Kay enjoys his job waiting tables at Dennys on the sunset strip in a month.

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