#ICYMI WWE Superstar “Edge” crashed the Kids on the Escalator Podcast!

brentonontour Nov 2, 2021

Yep, we were shocked as well! Stoked enough to have former WWE Referee Jim Korderas on for a retro wrestling talk and then out of nowhere (truly not planned) we get a classic wrestling run in by WWE Superstar Adam “Edge Copeland”!


This is a must-watch if you are an old-school wrestling fan like everyone on this panel! Sure, Adam is currently a WWE superstar (perhaps the greatest of all time?) and Jimmy ref’d some of the greatest matches in WWE history but at one point they were glued to their TV’s on weekend’s trying to find the latest wrestling news like the rest of us!

Here they are together at Wrestlemania 24!

We talk all about this and more on this week’s episode including the groundbreaking and historic decision to have female WWE referee Jessika Carr run the Edge/Seth Rollins match in Saudi Arabia at this year’s Crown Jewel which looked pretty rad!


Plus the panel offers up their thoughts on the craziest most shocking things they have ever seen in wrestling!


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