If ANY Of These Allegations Against Some Key Canadian Conservatives And The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Are True, Holy Shit

Jun 12, 2022

According to news reporting, PBCC looks less like a church and more of a cabal of 50,000 fascists pretending to be religious for money to affect theocratic change for Jesus.

According to ‘fixer’ turned ‘whistleblower David Wallace and businessman Nathan Jacobson, they are a cult of killer religious business folks looking to kill democracy and the Prime Minister of Canada.

PBCC is a worldwide business organization comprised of 3500 ‘Christian’ businesses worldwide (including Canadian MSM). They say their profits support their charity and schooling work (LOL).

Fifty-one thousand people, 12,000 families, and 22 Billion a year in profit.

That’s hard to do with 51k members unless those members in their global community are lying, thieving assholes who wash taxpayer money for other religious zealots.

Money from/for staging convoys, insurrections, political theater, and the like, if you believe Mr. Wallace.

Press Progress has been doing the work of Jesus Christ if Jesus Christ was honest. They’ve published a series of stories about PBCC’s skeevy business practices where Canada is concerned. Yesterday’s bombshell about 6 PBCC member-owned businesses getting $50 million on taxpayer funds for PPE from the province of Manitoba was another brutally damning story MSM won’t write, which is why they have to.

Press Progress: Manitoba’s government gave nearly $50 million in emergency COVID-19 contracts to a group of businesses linked to a controversial and secretive religious sect.

Other businesses linked to the little-known sect have received significant sums of money elsewhere for similar contracts, including millions from Doug Ford’s government in Ontario and over £2 billion for PPE contracts in the United Kingdom.

The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, also known as the “Exclusive Brethren,” is a small and reclusive religious sect with only 50,000 members around the world, mainly in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. In Canada, they are believed to have fewer than 10,000 members.

According to public records, Manitoba’s Ministry of Central Services gave four businesses linked to PBCC members six emergency contracts totaling $49.8 million for medical equipment and supplies.

These six contracts accounted for 12.5% of Manitoba’s Ministry of Central Services initial $400 million COVID-19 emergency budget in 2020.

A number of those businesses were previously identified in a 2014 Winnipeg Free Press investigation as being linked to PBCC members.


Fascism needs religion to survive; this country’s new conservative movement is an example. It requires the cover of religion to operate as a legitimate movement because racist hate hides behind theocracy.

This is a decent/foreboding breakdown of the allegations against Plymouth Brethren Church and some notable names from the Conservative Party in the #KlondikePapers.

What Are The #KlondikePapers?

Twenty gigs of receipts were kept by former political fixer turned whistleblower David Wallace. According to Wallace, he was tasked to find a former Plymouth Brethren Church Member/cult whistleblower Richard Marsh by PBCC members Rodney Diplock, Conservative power lawyer Gerry Chipeur and  Brad Mitchell of Klondike Lubricants (Thus, the #KlondikePapers).

David says he was asked to find Marsh, to turn him over to the Church to be killed.

The Papers allege an insane amount of criminality—murder for hire (X2) sole sourced government contracts for church members. Flooding alt-right think tanks with same-day cash to prop up violent hateful messaging against Canadians, the vaccine, Covid legitimacy, and of course, Justin Trudeau.

About 80% of the “fuck Trudeau” messaging is bought and paid for by far-right religious groups like PBCC.

To understand WHY a group of self-professed followers of Christ hate human beings THIS much, you have to know how evangelical religious extremists work.

  • They believe this world sucks, and their only goal is to force God’s will
  • Their interpretation of the bible is extreme (think ISIS, only these assholes live in subdivisions.)
  • Evangelicals operate in closed circles in the best interest of their fellowship.
  • They won’t say it out loud, but they think the vaccine contains the “Mark Of The Beast,” and taking it voids your ticket to heaven.
  • They hide behind closed doors funding groups like Canada Proud, The Post Millennial, and Post Media campaigns against secular politics and policies.
  • They truly believe God has chosen them to make us uncomfortable with the goal of global servitude to Jesus Christ and the prophets of God (them).

While Plymouth Brethren isn’t the only questionable para-religious organization who pays for hate, they are a BIGGIE.

Ask yourself why a church brags about buying power and 22 billion a year in straight profit. Then ask how and you can ascertain intention.

Cozy relationships with like-minded Jesus Freaked politicians are the key. Send them to replace free will with God’s will. Who better to employ as a political operative than fake Christians and churches to hide behind.

And if this is just the tip, I’m looking forward to jamming the whole thing in to see what falls out.


Dean Blundell

Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

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