If ‘Eco Terrorist’ Greta Thunberg Is So Smart, Why Is She Begging For A Boat Ride To Spain?

Nov 3, 2019

TSK. TSK, Greta.  How dare you travel the world in great discomfort and peril on boats cars and trains.  How dare you upset Twitter with your selflessness and ask for a fucken ride home!

She was supposed to head to Santiago, Chile by train and electric car but the unrest in Chile means the planned protest was relocated to Madrid, Spain.  Hopefully, the Spanish Gov’t has a magic carpet or a solar-powered boat handy because she comes with some serious travel restrictions.  As amazing as Greta is, I’m equally impressed with people who just fucking hate the kid for some reason.

Let’s have a looksie!

What a fucking knob.  I dunno who Ryan Saavedra is other than the winner of the name with the most “A’s” in any name ever.  Calling a 16-year-old girl who’s concerned about our planet a “Far Left Activist” just means he’s probably from a born again family with oil money.

It doesn’t mean Greta’s people should have planned WAY better including a plan B that didn’t include asking to hitch a ride on a zero-emission ocean liner in a Tweet.  Get it together Thunberg.

That’s a great tweet from a 50-year-old criminal politician and Trump acolyte Seb Gorka.  Gorka coincidentally is similar to the sound his mouth makes when he juggles Donald’s marbles in his mouth.  Maybe he was trying to get Greta to give up and join him in his Gulfstream.

No Good.
Neither are these which blows my mind, actually.

Thaaat’s nice. Greta has a form of Autism so the use of ‘Mental Case’ is duly noted for the extra spicy nut in this trail mix of hate for a 16-year-old girl none of these people have met. Fuck, Twitter’s the BEST for virtual child abuse. @Jack won’t allow political ads, but trashing a little girl’s disability is cool?
I guess so, so here’s a whole bunch of adults cyberbullying a 16-year-old girl trying to make the world a better place:

Funny. I get it but the tweet feels like it comes from an angry place. Plus, there’s no way it’s possible to get to Madrid by swimming. It’s a 10-14 day trip on a boat so swimming would be considerably slower. Unless @Judsonphillips is hoping she drowns because he hates her views on saving the oceans and atmosphere THAT much.


Man, you guys kill me.

She’s 16 tho and she’s trying to save the earth for chrissakes so stop telling her to go bob for apples ‘In hot motor oil’ and other not so nice things I’ve read looking for mean Greta Tweets.

BTW, I didn’t type anything else into the search other than ‘Greta’ and more than half were super shitty, hateful tweets

Fuck, some of you are hard.  Lighten up.  You just sound like a bunch of ENORMOUS pussies who don’t like being told you’re wrong or stupid by an incredibly brave 16-year-old girl who’s right.

Go have beers with your friends or read a book about staying in your lane.  It’ll do wonders removing some of that free time you seem to find to publically hate on a 16-year-old Autistic girl from Sweden you’ve never met whose just asking you to recycle and take your bike a bit, fatty.  It’ll do you good!

Or not, I don’t care.  You’re just coming off as mean.  Sometimes funny, but mostly mean.





Dean Blundell

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