If the Blue Jays want to win the series they’re going to have to score significantly more runs than zero

Oct 8, 2022

Well, that could have gone better.

The Toronto Blue Jays dropped the first game of their three-game Wildcard Series with the Seattle Mariners 4-0. Besides the fact that one more loss ends the Jays’ season, there’s nothing to panic about. Would you rather be a Baltimore Orioles fan watching nothing right now?

It’s baseball; shit happens. It’s also not the first time the Blue Jays have been shut out this year. It may not be the last. However, Luis Castillo pitched like an asshole tonight. The dude was lights out, and beyond George Springer, the rest of the Jays’ lineup looked useless against him. That’s what happens in the postseason sometimes.

Alek Manoah got beat up in the first inning, but he got his shit together. The bullpen was lights out for the Jays. Toronto needs to figure out how to manufacture more runs because zero isn’t enough.

It’s time to turn the page; game two goes on tomorrow. Kevin Gausman is pitching for the Jays tomorrow. Let’s hope we get to see Ross Stripling for game three. It’s still the fucking playoffs. Let’s Go! #NextLevel


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