If you know where $8 million in ‘Freedom Convoy’ money went, the RCMP would like a word…

Apr 7, 2022

I for one and SHOCKED, 12 racist religious extremists stole $8million dollars.  SHOCKED.

CBC: The convoy protest in Ottawa raised more than $20 million over its three-week occupation of the city’s downtown. Court filings show how protest organizers spent their money, and how much of it remains unspent or unaccounted for.

A report filed by KSV Restructuring Inc., the third-party agent responsible for overseeing recovered money, shows it is holding a little under $2 million of the roughly $24 million raised by various campaigns supporting the weeks of occupation of downtown Ottawa streets.

Most of the money in escrow stems from Tamara Lich, the convoy leader who had access to the majority of the money through her role in organizing the protest, for which she has since been charged. The crowdfunding efforts she led raised nearly $10.1 million from 120,000 donors before donations were suspended.

HOLY, Fuck.  For some reason, I had 10 million x 2 in my head (both platforms).  But 24 million?  Raised in less than a month?  This had nothing to do with funding ANYTHING.  This was and still is about very dark money coming in from hundreds of thousands of accounts in an effort to ABSOLUTELY wash/steal/launder money for other purposes.  The freedom convoy was nothing more than a false flag event sponsored by the alt-right as a distraction while they funneled as much as they could OUT of that effort.  Apparently, that number is 7.75 million.

If you think about it, this scattered bumrush approach to laundering money is perfect.  120k accounts, cards, and wallets are really fucking hard to track and bitcoin was created to hide money so the concept is brilliant.

They flood the zone with money for everywhere in small chunks making it next to impossible to track all or any of it. Layered chaos.  Jason Bourne in a crowded train station. shit.  I looks like Mike Flynn’s idea was to raise 20-3- million in hopes he could steal 1/3 in plain sight.

The website used to raise that money, GoFundMe, then returned most of those funds to the original donors as of Feb. 5, the company said.

“All refunds were initiated via our payment processing partner, including all transaction processing fees and tips, and those funds were returned to donors in the subsequent days,” it said in a statement. 

It’s not clear where most of the money raised through GiveSendGo has gone. Fundraisers launched on the U.S.-based site raised more than $12 million.

Recently filed court documents show $4.25 million is being held by a payment processing company, but the remaining $7.75 million is unaccounted for.

The almost $1.4 million that remained in Lich’s possession was transferred into escrow and that makes up the bulk of the more than $1.5 million held by KSV Restructuring. 

Most of the digital currency was drained from its original source, with one main self-professed crypto organizer posting videos of himself handing access information directly to convoy supporters in downtown Ottawa.

Following court documents and bitcoin movements online, CBC News pieced together a partial but elaborate web of transactions where large sums were dispersed into hundreds of virtual wallets.

Authorities are believed to be tracking the movements of those wallets, but the identities of those who received them remain largely unknown to the public. 

When GoFundMe released $1 million of donated funds on Feb. 2, it did so into Lich’s personal account she designated for the protest. 

Lich’s affidavit states “this was done because Freedom Corp. did not have a bank account and time was of the essence to start funding those we raised donations for.”

Two days after sending her $1 million, GoFundMe said it closed the campaign, citing violations of its rules on violence and harassment, with all remaining donations being returned directly to individual donors. 

Lich said that the same day she received the GoFundMe money, a “hold” was placed on her account associated with the Freedom Convoy. She said the bank didn’t prevent money from being deposited into the account, but funds could not be withdrawn. 

While she had access to the money provided by GoFundMe, Lich said she completed approximately $26,000 in transactions. 

She spent $13,000 on bulk fuel purchases and another $13,000 was “withdrawn in cash and utilized for various purposes,” she said.

The Idea Tamara Lich is some kind of financial genius gets put to bed here, too.

  • She used her personal account (Zero balance) because the convoy couldn’t get a bank account (she was told to do that).
  • Her account was frozen after 1.2 million appeared in her account after carrying a perpetual negative balance.  Funny thing about banks – they flag ANYTHING that looks suspicious and for Tamara to be surprised by that means she had no fucking idea what was going on or the risk she was assuming.
  • He only accessed 26 k from GFM account.
  • We have no idea how much she accessed from the GSG account missing 8 million.  That’s the money platform owned by Jesus freak Jacob Wall who supports white supremacist movements. He’s also super tight with Mike Flynn and Steve Bannon.

So, where’s the 8m? Probably in several hard-to-track offshore accounts or digital wallets waiting to be used to fund Christo Fascists/Evangelical narratives/works/hate speech.  Maybe a few bribes.  Who knows.

I’m glad dumb people were ripped off in the process of cooking up a fake event to launder money for international Christian terrorists.  The only thing propping these shit heads up are donations from the genetically stupid and their common interest in de-secularizing the world so bankrupting their trailer parked supporters is a good thing.  The more money Qanon steals, the less they have to give.  The less they have to give and the more desperate they get, the more resentment plays a part in them waking up.  Or not.  I stopped caring about them last year, so, whatever.


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