I’m Not Applauding The Bruins For Cutting Mitchell Miller. He Never Should Have Been Signed in The First Place

Nov 8, 2022

The Boston Bruins cut convicted racist bully Mitchell Miller Sunday night, and I refuse to applaud Cam Neely for righting a wrong. 


Miller was drafted by the Arizona Coyotes in 2020 but was later released after the Coyotes learned the full extent of Miller’s conviction for participating in racially motivated bullying against another classmate when Miller was 14-years-old.

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I’m all for second chances. I’m not okay with somebody being privileged to play professional hockey when they do what Miller did. The Bruins made a colossal mistake offering Miller a contract, and it also pulled back the curtain of the Bruins’ upper management. Can Neely is not in touch with his team’s locker room. Bruins players and coaches spoke out against the Miller signing. Neely attempted to add a player to the organization that wasn’t supported by the players, including the Bruins captain, who Neely had consulted before offering Miller a contract. 

What Miller did was disgusting, and I can’t believe the Bruins thought signing him would be a good idea.

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On this episode of Ray’s Sports Rant I talk about how I refuse to applaud Cam Neely and the Boston Bruins for releasing Mitchell Miller. Miller never should have been signed in the first place. The New England Patriots defeated the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday and Pats Nation isn’t satisfied with the win. Winning is hard in the NFL and fans need to just enjoy it. The Buffalo Bills had a rough go in New York Sunday when they dropped their game to the Jets. Josh Allen didn’t have his best game and he suffered an elbow injury. Stefon Diggs says that Bills players are rallying around him.


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