I’m Shawn Matthias and I finally got my game-worn Leaf Jersey

Jan 7, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! What a start to the New Year personally. Sunday the World Junior Canadian team took home Gold. Last time the tournament was in the Czech Republic I was there helping the team take home Gold. And yesterday I was surprised by Gonzo with my Leafs game-worn jersey. What a way to start a new job! That’s right, get used to me!

It probably surprises some of you that I did not have my home town team and the team that I grew up watching every Saturday night’s jersey. The Toronto Maple Leafs. I played the 2015-2016 season and when I was traded by the Leafs to Colorado I went and picked up my gear and to my surprise NO TEAM JERSEY! I got my agent involved asking nonstop for it and over and over again the team replied with NO! Until my boy Gonzo went full-blown jailbreak at the last game he went to.

Gonzo you are one BAD M’Fer!

(This is the Fucking jersey…Crazy!)

Now I love the Leafs. I watch every game. But what kind of sick fuck does not give a home town kid his home town game-worn jersey?

Fuckin Babs and Lou that’s who. I am not surprised to see the team doing so well now and I will continue to cheer loud at the TV with my game-worn Maple Leafs jersey I waited 4 years to get my hands on. Thank you to Gonzo for this amazing gift from myself and my family we are all very excited to have this Jersey!

And I am excited to be working with people like Gonzo instead of some loser who pulls a BS stunt like that.


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