Is The Dean Blundell Show Just A Real Life Muppet Show?

Joe Williamson Apr 16, 2022

It started with a joke about a kids toy that encourages children to recreate Jesus waking up from his tomb during the resurrection and ended with a comparison of our cast of characters to The Muppets.

As my brain, digested the humour involed in such a comparison I realized there are actually a number of similatries. I present to you, The Dean Blundell Show as The Muppets.

First up, and this one seems obvious, Dean is Kermit. He’s the star. He’s who you think of when you think “The Dean Blundell Show”. Kermit always wears green. Dean is always in black. Kermit assembled his group of weirdos to put on a show and Dean has done the same. Dean is Kermit.


Next up is Loch. My initial thought was Loch is Ms. Piggy because of his anger issues and penchant for violence but there is one big difference between Loch and Ms. Piggy that makes it not a good match and that is Ms. Piggy has an affinity for the finer things in life. French perfume and fine food. Loch likes Arby’s. No, Loch is Statler and Waldorf rolled into one. He’s grumpy. He’ll criticize the guests and occassionally derail the show. Loch is Statler and Waldorf.

That brings us to Ryan. He’s the Swedish Chef right? He loves cooking and causing a bit of a stir. (COOKING PUN!) No, Ryan is Pepe the King Prawn. He’s a semi-regular guest-host who has a real job to provide for himself and family just like Pepe. He’s got a bit of attitude and is a welcome addition to any show. Ryan is Pepe.

James is obviously Rizzo. There’s no other choice. A streetwise character who loves to mock others but defends his friends and family with the same passion that encompasses his spirit. James is Rizzo.

Sorry Chris but you’re Scooter. You’re the youngest in the crew. You’re the producer. You deal with all the personalities in coutnless group chats and help make the show hum. Chris is Scooter.

And, while I don’t appear on the show very often I’m including myself. I’m Fozzie bear. I love terrible jokes, I’m optimistic and am beloved by all. I’m Fozzie bear.


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