It’s Game Day, Beautiful People!!!

Oct 7, 2022

Your Toronto Blue Jays begin another postseason run at 4:07 pm today, and my pants are enormous in the front.

Memba this?

That sound can’t be replicated outside the Rogers Center in the postseason; if you haven’t experienced it, it changes you.

Storylines you need to be aware of

Alek Manoah is a BEAST.

The Jays ace was a revelation this year, turning in a year not seen since Clemens or Halladay. The Mariners have three aces, and none of them are  Manoah. He can paint his fastball, has the best slider in the league and mixed in a change-up for lefties this year. If I could, I’d start in games 1-2 and 3. he set a Club record with a .88 ERA in Sept, and the Blue Jays win 80% of his starts. He’s the best pitcher in this series, including Luis Castillo and Robbie Ray.

Who’s in/Who’s out?

Kikuchi is in, Lourdes is out (Injury), and the Jays are taking three catchers to the playoffs. Smart.

Jansen and Kirk are the best-catching tandem in BB. If Kirk isn’t catching, he’s DHing. Gabby Moreno is a hitting savant, and he’ll back up Jansen and Kirk, given Schnieder a TON of flexibility in that lineup.

But that;’s your opening day lineup, and the Blue Jays are the only team in the postseason with their Opening day roster being their postseason roster.

Jackie Bradley Jr is a WS champ, and he’s insurance for Springer, who’s my betting favourite to be the Blue Jay’s postseason MVP. October George is Babe Fucking Ruth.

Vlad vs J-rod

Julio Rodriguez is to Seattle, and Vlad Jr is to Toronto. He’s a freak, and this is where Vlad gets to measure himself after a sub-par season (by his standards).

This is THE matchup. They are similar players and terrific friends, but Vlad has something to prove.

Vlad’s more disciplined at the plate, but their power numbers and BA are very similar. Vlad’s at home, though…

…and this is his house. My dude loves that shit. He thrives on it.


Seattle’s pen is VERY good.

The Blue Jay’s pen has been their most consistent story, and Kikuchi, Pop, and Bass are HUGE additions to the postseason bullpen. Provided Kikuchi doesn’t shit his pants and Romano is himself – advantage, no one.


Wild Cards

Please don’t sleep on my guys, Whit Merrifield and Matt Chapman. Whit Merrifield stole Espinal’s job in the last three weeks of the season, hitting .392 over his previous 15 games (.500 over his last 7). Matt stumbled down the stretch, but he’s a defensive rock at 3rd, and he’s due. I mocked Shapiro for bringing Whit in at the trade deadline, but the dude is playing like the all-star he was/is and if he’s going, heads up.

The only negative Wild Card? Bo Bichette’s defence. I closed my eyes every time he throws the ball. Legit.

He finished a hard second in the AL’s “errors’ category but made up for it by MASHING, almost single-handedly carrying the Blue Jays into the postseason.

I’m not shitting on the man, but it’s a concern.

Will Teoscar take it seriously?

Will Schneider pick between Berrios or Stripling for game 3 (Stripling 100)?

Will Lourdes get activated in this series?

Will Robbie Ray bring the “Tight Pants”?

I don’t care. Let’s just play the games so I can feel again.

This team has been on a 3-year covid tour, and it’s been six years since I’ve felt this way.








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