It’s Happening: 10ft Tall Alien-Like Creatures Captured On Video Roaming In Brazil Who Look Very Similar To The Miami Alien Videos

Jan 11, 2024

Via TMZ More mysterious video of what appears to be super tall human-like beings walking among us … and this time, folks are claiming there are 10-foot tall “aliens” down in Brazil.

Ya gotta see these videos from Ilha do Mel, an island off the coast of Brazil … where locals claim they saw at least two tall and mysterious figures standing on a hilltop. It’s hard to gauge how far away these clips were shot from — but whatever’s out there sure looks big.

The so-called “aliens” here in the videos seem to be surveying the land below from up on the hill … moving around, gesturing and seemingly walking through the landscape.

It’s pretty crazy … the woman who took the video says it’s pretty much impossible for humans to reach the part of the hill where the “creatures” are … and she says the beings are way bigger than people. At one point, you start to see them on the move — walking around!

The sighting comes only days after an incident in Miami … where conspiracy theorists claim video shows a tall “gray creature” walking through an outdoor mall in the middle of a massive police response.

As we first told you, cops in Miami said that video doesn’t show a creature but rather a human shadow … and the cops were responding to a huge fight.

In a perplexing series of events, eyewitness accounts have surfaced detailing sightings of 10-foot-tall grey aliens within a remarkably short timeframe of less than 72 hours. Multiple individuals from diverse locations reported encountering these towering extraterrestrial beings, sparking both curiosity and speculation about the nature of these otherworldly visitors.

Witnesses describe the aliens as towering figures with distinct grey skin, elongated limbs, and large, almond-shaped black eyes. The consistency in these descriptions across various locations lends an eerie credibility to the sightings. Reports suggest that these entities appear to move with an otherworldly grace, leaving witnesses in awe and disbelief.

Whether an extraordinary coincidence, a shared hallucination, or something more profound, the 10-foot grey aliens’ enigmatic appearances have ignited a wave of fascination and debate, pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the unknown. As investigations into these sightings intensify, the quest for answers persists, inviting the world to contemplate the possibility of extraterrestrial contact in an increasingly complex and mysterious universe.

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