Jay Z Is Attempting To Convince Travis Scott To Back Out Of Superbowl Performance

Shug McSween Dec 21, 2018

SourceTravis Scott’s performance with Maroon 5 during halftime of Super Bowl LIII may not be a sure thing.

After TMZ Sports reported the rapper will join Adam Levine’s band on stage, Jem Aswad and Shirley Halperin of Variety reported Jay-Z is attempting to convince Scott not to perform.

Aswad and Halperin pointed to Jay-Z’s previous criticism of the NFL because former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has not been offered a job since he opted out of his contract following the 2016 season, when he began protesting racial injustice and police violence during the national anthem.

This comes after Us Weekly cited a source who said Maroon 5 “is having a lot of trouble finding guests” to join them because “no one wants to associate themselves with the NFL” with Kaepernick still on the sideline.

The source said Cardi B has “been going back and forth” about performing, while Aswad and Halperin noted: “For weeks, Maroon 5 had been struggling to find a black act to take the stage with them, according to Variety’s sources, with Cardi B, Outkast, Usher, Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj said to be in talks with the group; Mary J. Blige and Rihanna are said to have declined.”

Jay Z is about the culture and Travis Scott is about that money.

Colin Kaepernick should be in the NFL,  and because of his stance on justice and equality, he’s not. Plain and simple and it’s brutal.

He’s better than all of the backup QB’s in the league, and did you see the news this week that Raiders signed Nate Peterman? PETERMAN!? He only throws to the other team, and he lands a gig.

Again, brutal….Kaep’s last season he had 16 TDS in 12 games, still no offers?

The halftime show is always hit or miss, and with Maroon 5 the only act to confirm so far, it’s shaping up to be a bust.

I’ll give Adam Levine credit though, this video is top notch:

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